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The All in one Frontend

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FTX 3 ins an All in One Frontend, you can play at 50 systems videogame console and Arcade, Play music, Play movies and photos, Easy to Install, all games systems are preinstalled and configured, only install your games and play.......

Ftx3 is in four language , ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, ITALIAN

W7, W8, W10 supported (sorry No support XP , but possible work!)

(stored on MEGA, Use FIREFOX if problems With IE)

  • Is FREE !!!! (but you can make a donation, see below, thank you)
  • Easy Installation, emulator preinstalled and configured.
  • Multi usage.
  • Two differente interface.
  • All video game systems are recreated in 3D.
  • See demo :
  • Try it !





Image 1 Ftx3 1.75b - 01/11/2016 - PUBLIC B

Actual release. This is the last official release of ftx3 frontend. With the new interface Arcade 3D


Image 2 Old release of FTX3 Download old release.

Image 3 Install instructions Read the PDF to preinstall codecs and other software before installing FTX 3
Image 4 Emulator Pack There are Addon pack emulator, with new systems , computer and older video game console..

Image 4 Cover pack There are Cover pack games for emulators, many pack are availble for console.

New project V2 Available

FTX3 V2 , New Interface, New Design , All system in 3D, you cant explore model, rotate , zoom , view detail .........

image All models in 3D
image Explore
image look


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